We’ve been involved in the Dutch movie business for quite a while now, and we’re happy Warner Bros. Entertainment and Universal Pictures have been our partners since back in the early days.

We are so happy we now get to work with them; promoting the movies we love and being part of their events. At Crafture we're always trying to innovate our aftermovies by studying upcoming movies searching for a certain style the director is going for. In the case of Universal’s TAR we tried to emulate the unique shooting and editing style of the movie to immerse the audience into the film.


Whether it’s shooting aftermovies, backstage content, special reports or recaps of the best performances at the festivals. We capture every moment of magic at the biggest festivals the Netherlands has to offer. You can find us at Pinkpop, Down the Rabbit Hole, North Sea Jazz and Lowlands Festival just to name a few.

Our Livecrowd team is also present on site for a whole week, helping out Lowlanders with anything. So if you had one too many beers and can’t find your tent? Don’t worry, Livecrowd is here to help!


Our team consists of animators, developers, videographers, and concept-artists. This allows us to create technical enhancements to traditional events; from augmented reality to special video-opportunities delivered to guests the same day. We always try to raise the bar when it comes to technical innovation at our partners' events.

About us

Crafture is a digital agency that was founded in 2009. We are a band of outsiders, crafting the future, with a love and respect for what has been. Our love for music and movies from the past are expressed in our work today, yet we never stop innovating. Our focus has alway been to create digital campaigns for global brands in the Benelux market. Our clients include Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, MOJO concerts and Dutch Grand Prix.

Our starting point is never us- it’s the people we’re trying to reach. We use new technology and data to create storytelling campaigns targeted at the exact right audience. Many of our campaigns involve video. Sometimes virtual and augmented reality are added to the mix. As long as it supports the look, vibe and feel of your campaign. We will make it work.

Our team consists of animators, developers, videographers, and concept-artists. All with a particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over a very long career. By the way, did we already mention we love movies? Have a look around on our website and get to know us through our projects. Cause if a picture already says more than a thousand words, imagine what our videos can do! Enjoy.